die from a stroke

When I left for Costco yesterday, it started raining slightly. I thought
 how unlucky I was. I could have returned home but I didn’t want to 
waste my time to have prepared for going out and went on. By the time I
got off the bus to walk to Costco for the rest of the way, it had  
stopped raining. There seemed a big downpour during my bus ride. I may 
have been lucky after all. On my way home, I missed the bus. I thought  
how unlucky I was, again. But by taking the next bus, my subsequent  
connections for the train and the buss went incredibly smoothly. I may  
have been lucky again. When I went to bed that night, I felt numb in my
left arm and I feared that I would die from a stroke during my sleep.  
Thinking how unlucky I was, I fell asleep…

from Tumblr https://hidemiwoods.tumblr.com/post/185990047872

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