Podcast: a child in a different dimension

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I don’t have a child and probably won’t have one all my life. But in my  dreams, I’ve cuddled my baby for several times. It’s a boy and always  the same baby, and I firmly believe I have a child in a different  dimension. One day, in my dream, or in that dimension, I saw him in his  twenties. It was the future. He lived in a secluded village and was  devoted to an unfamiliar future sport. He didn’t notice me as I was  watching him from somewhere far. I was so happy to see my baby have  grown up and see him not working at an office as a businessman. An  elderly man passed by me and I asked him about the sport my son was  practicing intently. My question was if the sport was some kind of  official, recognized, or popular, which was somehow a possible way to  make money. He told me that this sport was completely unknown to the  public and there was no event or competition, thus it never brought  money whatsoever, not a cent. I burst into tears for joy. Not only he  didn’t become an office worker for a steady income, but also he chose  the profession that was totally unrelated to money or fame. He wasn’t  interested in them. His only interest was the sport. I couldn’t stop  crying for joy, thinking how ideally he had grown up and what a perfect  son he was to me. I felt thoroughly proud of him and grateful for him to  become as he was. Since I saw that dream, I’ve felt more confident of  myself, because I’ve raised an honorable child in the other dimension…

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