potatoes in the box

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

At the end of the last year, I won a prize drawing of a snack company and got a boxful of potatoes. I was very pleased to receive it but I had forgotten that I wasn’t a frequent cook. I finally found time to cook potatoes yesterday. The potatoes have already begun to bud. I’ve heard that a potato’s bud is poisonous and I was afraid enough to decide to eat them as soon as possible. I cooked them into tempura. The whole dinner was potato tempura. It was delicious, but eating from a mountain of potato tempura, it looked more and more like a confrontation. The leftovers still sit in the fridge and there are a lot more potatoes in the box waiting for me. They should have been a prize, not a punishment…

  The New Year’s celebration was officially over. I took down the decorations today. Then I finished watching all episodes of ‘The O.C. Season 2’, thus, I reached the goal of my OC marathon today. And I heard the news that my favorite supermarket would be withdrawn from Japan. It’s called Carrefour and from France. I really loved shopping there with their French taste goods and foods in a spacious place. After writing this, I’m going to another store which is closing for good tomorrow for my last shopping there. This is one of those days that everything strangely clicks at the same time. As for New Year’s, people had already stopped celebrating long before and I was probably the last one still in a New Year’s mood…

 As I wrote yesterday, I went shopping for a closing sale of a store, which was going out of business after over 30 years. The store usually has sparse customers but its closing sale changed it completely.

The floor was filled with people who waited in a long line at the checkout with a basketful of clothing. I had never seen so many shoppers in that store. I bought knitted caps at $3 each marked down from $20 and scarfs at $2 from $20. And I noticed there were only few younger people in the store. They were all elderly people around me. A large number of aged people were shopping around so vigorously. I don’t see such lively old people so often. Was the store aimed at elderly people? If so, my taste for clothing is similar to them…

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