Time is relative like happiness

Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com

I found that the problem I’ve been tackling,
which is to boost the volume of our new song,
could be solved by redoing the mixdown. But
it’ll take a few more months to complete.
Also, I feel reluctant to tell my partner that I
need more time to complete the song. I
thought about an extreme.
What if I were the only human on this
planet? If there were no one else besides me, I
would redo by taking as much time as I want
until I reach my satisfaction. Time is relative
like happiness and bears meaning simply in
relation to others. Come to think of it, our new
song is written just about it. While I’ve been
working on it, I ignored what I had written
myself. So, I decided to go back to the
mixdown. Considering the song’s theme, it was
destined to take time…

Episode From Surviving in Japan / Hidemi Woods

2 thoughts on “Time is relative like happiness

  1. grendaliskingsite November 1, 2020 / 8:24 pm

    Hidemi-san, I will say this to you, from the Heart. Tell your Partner you are not happy with it, and explain why. Simply put, if you are not happy with it, do not think that it is good enough, how can you expect others to feel like it is the best thing ever you need to be happy, even if it takes an extra month or two, what price perfection to your ears, to mine. Sometimes it can take an artist years to write a song, an album, and sometimes, days, you know this has do I, has anyone who has written, it has to be right for you.


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    • Hidemi Woods November 3, 2020 / 9:06 am

      I appreciate and also am amazed that you know so well how an artist faces work. Time is nothing compared to perfection. Thank you for this insightful comment!

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