I know I am too superstitious


For our annual Octoberfest party, I was going to go to a restaurant with my partner. We check our horoscopes every morning for fun. My partner’s one said that any kind of trouble would await you outside your home. So, we couldn’t go out. At first, it was supposed to be fun, but now we are completely bound by a horoscope. I know I am too superstitious, but I can’t help it…


My palm lines are quite unique and different from others. A man read a comedian’s palm on TV today, and the comedian’s lines happened to be similar to me. According to the reader, only 5% of people have this kind of lines. No wonder I had never seen the similar lines on others before. A person with those lines has no sense to care the mood or atmosphere for others, the reader said. Somehow I am deeply convinced…

Episode From Surviving in Japan / Hidemi Woods

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