I think it’s worth trying

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I installed Cubase to my new computer for mastering of our new song. I’ve decided to do the mastering by myself instead of taking it to a professional. Basically, I don’t trust those who are so-called professionals or authorities. I believe I can do better. After working on the song for seven years, I don’t feel like leaving it to someone in this very last process. It might hit a dead end, and then, I’ll turn to an expert. But until then, at least I want to try and I think it’s worth trying.

On the other hand, by doing so, it’s become uncertain whether the song should be completed by the end of this year…

Episode From Surviving in Japan / Hidemi Woods

No! This isn’t what I wanted at all!

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After the mix down of our new song, I couldn’t manage to get it to the suitable volume. Instead of taking it to a recording studio to adjust it at the mastering, I decided to do the mastering by installing Cubase AI on my different computer, recording the song to it and increasing the volume.

The other night, I had a dream in which I took the song to a studio engineer for the mastering. I listened to the finished sound by the engineer and screamed in despair, “No! This isn’t what I wanted at all! This is too muffled!” And I woke up. It seems that I think the sound of our new song isn’t crisp enough. Now that my dream told me so, I will use the equalizer again on the mastering. Thus, our new song is in a final burst. Well, I’ve been saying this for over six months now…

Episode From Surviving in Japan / Hidemi Woods

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troublesome upgrade

I decided to upgrade my Cubase and placed an order
online last night. I’ll save $400 by the upgrade, not getting the whole
thing. To qualify the upgrade, I needed the serial number of the current
software. I rummaged in my room for the number. Finally I found it and
entered it on the order form. For the last blank of the form, they
required a user ID. That’s a big enigma. I wasn’t given any user ID for
Cubase. On the other hand, I’ve got quite a few user IDs for the
websites. What user ID? Which one? I looked through the papers and
couldn’t find anything likely. On their FAQ page, there was an answer to
a completely different question from mine, which told to enter the name
in the user ID space. Now that I’ve run out of guesses, I filled in the
blank with my name. A submit button had never been far like this. This
morning, the e-mail told me that my order was processed. The user ID was
simply my name. Just getting an upgrade is this troublesome…

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