body bubble


I have a large body bubble – you know, the space you feel comfortable between yourself and someone next to you. It seems people have much smaller bubbles around them because they keep sticking to me. Yesterday, it happened again at a grocery store. I was paying at the checkout counter and a woman next to me was waiting for her turn sticking to me. I tried to make space, but she closed up the space right away. I did it again, so did she. We repeated this. Nobody was behind her and she had large room on her opposite side. Yet she kept standing right beside me. She was a sidler. Eventually I had to reach out to a cashier because by then she was the one who stood in front of my basket. She completely pushed me out without touching, but with violating my body bubble. Even grocery shopping is a big challenge for me…

Episode From Surviving in Japan / Hidemi Woods

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I had almost forgotten about it


This summer, I took a test, which required to translate an English article into Japanese. I had almost forgotten about it. Today, the result arrived and I remembered. It wasn’t difficult at all, and I expected ‘A’ with full marks. But the grade I got was ‘C’. What??


I did grocery shopping this morning. The store has the morning sale on weekends and it was very crowded. I got the sale items, feeling satisfied, and joined a long line of a checkout counter. The counter number 7, which I thought I was at, takes a credit card. But when I checked out, I ended up paying with cash. The sign saying 7 above my head was for the next counter. As you know, cash is cash, while a credit card gives you some sort of points. After having me wait in a long line, points escaped from me…

time limit offers

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To avoid a crowded store, I did the grocery shopping online today for my holiday meals. In this way, I could enjoy shopping calmly and comfortably, sitting in front of a computer and sipping a cup of coffee.

I was in a good mood adding sale items to a shopping cart one by one. And I found something wrong with the total amount. As I was taking time to shop around, the prices of the sale items were returning to their list prices. I didn’t know that they were time limit offers because nothing mentioned. I guessed the quantity for a sale was limited, thus first come, first served. Now my relaxing shopping had changed into a battle. I shopped as fast as I could, sweating and hunching over a computer. and was done shopping exhausted. Even at home, the hustle and bustle catches you at this time of year…

Episode From Surviving in Japan by Hidemi Woods

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