complete amazement

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A marvelous thing happened to me yesterday.

After posting the blog of what life is all about, I watched ‘Heroes Season 3’. At first, I was going to go shopping but the weather was awful. So I stayed home and watched ‘Heroes’ coincidentally. It was aired 10 days ago and recorded, which means I could have watched it any day. In one scene, Peter’s brother spoke exactly the same thing that I had put on my blog just three hours before. I had never seen the episode in my life and what I wrote was no quotation. But to my complete amazement, he even used exact words I wrote.

I was totally astonished. As I have always suspected, the whole universe is connected and affects each other. To me, it’s a solid fact now. I’ve got the proof via my blog and a TV show…

Episode From Surviving in Japan by Hidemi Woods

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