feel sad thinking Christmas is over soon

To a person like me who anticipate Christmas too
much, the rest of the year is just a sideshow.
As an athlete prepares for the Olympics, I
condition myself for Christmas. You should do
everything in moderation though, otherwise
you would end up like me who feel sad thinking
Christmas is over soon while feeling
extremely happy to have it at last. My
consolation is a concept of ‘Twelve Days of
Christmas’. I cheer up myself saying that
Christmas Day is the beginning of the twelve
days of Christmas, not the end of it. Well, how
can I soothe this infantile myself twelve days
later? Let’s say just 11 months to go again…

Episode From Surviving in Japan / Hidemi Woods

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Japanese people have lost money and also manners.

On my way to do the holiday shopping, I dropped by McDonald’s for breakfast. Although the place was huge, it was crammed with people and I gave up eating there. I usually eat in a thrifty way at home with food at the sale price or half price. But since it was the holiday season, I decided to eat out luxuriously for once. There was a hotel near McDonald’s and I had all-you-can-eat breakfast at a restaurant there. I hadn’t been there for a couple of years and noticed things had changed. Most of the customers having breakfast there are the ones who stay at the hotel. Last time I had breakfast there, all the customers were Japanese. But now, most of them were Chinese and South Korean. They traveled by package tours and left almost all at once. After their big buses departed the hotel, only a few tables were occupied by Japanese. And I found out that Chinese and South Korean travelers’ manners have become better than Japanese ones. Japanese customers’ kids were shouting and running around the restaurant. Young couples were eating with the room slippers of the hotel on. Japan has been in a long economic downturn for years. In these years, Japanese people have lost money and also manners. Thinking about the transition of times, I spent two hours for the breakfast while having as mush as I could to the verge of a burst of my stomach, in order to make the most of money I paid…