careful for money

I found an auction website where successful bidders get about 90% off on electronics or gift certificates. They were amazing prices and appealed to me so much, as I’m cheap. A bidder needs to buy the bidding coins beforehand. I’d never seen those low prices even after adding the cost of the bidding coins. I started to bid, and the price was going up steeply. It went well past the average price of the site, and yet, I couldn’t stop because I’d already invested too much. When I won the bid, the price soared to an auction record for the item. I didn’t get 90% off but rather lost money. Finally I understood. Yes, it was a scam. I was quite confident to have the discerning eye for it and never thought I would fall for it. The time when I was young and stupid should have long gone. I, who is more careful for money than anybody, lost it by a scam. Am I a fool after all…?

gorgeous apartment

I spent the whole day giving much thought to the apartment that I’d
found. There are numerous cons about the place, but moving in a better
place with my low price range seems impossible. I looked for solutions
for the cons – the soon-out-of-order water pipes and the broken boiler,
except for the neighbor who is wanted for murder, as there’s nothing I
can do about it. Thanks to the Internet and my partner’s unconventional
ideas, I reached the solutions at the end of the day. I was so excited
and happy that moving in that gorgeous apartment was getting feasible. I
got up this morning only to find out that the place had been just
taken. I hope you can imagine how disappointed I am…

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