gorgeous apartment

I spent the whole day giving much thought to the apartment that I’d
found. There are numerous cons about the place, but moving in a better
place with my low price range seems impossible. I looked for solutions
for the cons – the soon-out-of-order water pipes and the broken boiler,
except for the neighbor who is wanted for murder, as there’s nothing I
can do about it. Thanks to the Internet and my partner’s unconventional
ideas, I reached the solutions at the end of the day. I was so excited
and happy that moving in that gorgeous apartment was getting feasible. I
got up this morning only to find out that the place had been just
taken. I hope you can imagine how disappointed I am…

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wanted for murder

As I’ve been constantly looking for an apartment online, I found a
pretty good one again. It’s located by a lake near Mt. Fuji and it’s
spacious, furnished and Western-style. Usually, this kind of property is
far above my price range, but this one is discounted considerably so
that it dove into my range. The catch is that the building is very old
by Japanese standards. It’s 36 years old. Still, it’s the most gorgeous
place I could possibly afford. I gathered information about the area,
such as the climate, restaurants, shops and most importantly, the train
and bus schedules because I don’t have a car. I decided to go to look at
the room and sent an e-mail to the real estate company for an
appointment. Meanwhile, I bought a train schedule book and made a
precise plane to go there as a weekend trip. A reply from the real
estate company included the more detailed information about the
apartment. Because it’s old, the water pipes may give out at any moment.
The boiler is broken, too. To finish up, one of the residents is wanted
for murder. It’s not the one again…or, is it…?

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