What if I were the only human on this planet?

I found that the problem I’ve been tackling, which is to boost the volume of our new song, could be solved by redoing the mixdown. But it’ll take a few more months to complete. I feel reluctant to tell my partner that I need more time to complete the song. I thought about an extreme. What if I were the only human on this planet? If there were no one else besides me, I would redo by taking as much time as I want until I reach my satisfaction. Time is relative like happiness and bears meaning simply in relation to others. Come to think of it, our new song is written just about it. While I’ve been working on it, I ignored what I had written myself. So, I decided to go back to the mixdown. Considering the song’s theme, it was destined to take time…

music can be a money pit

I’ve been working for mastering of our new song for some time now. I still can’t get it up to my satisfaction though, after using everything I’ve got. I successfully made the sound itself exactly what I’d wanted. The only problem is the volume. I tried countless compressors and limiters, read a book on the subject and looked it up around on the Internet with no luck. Our song stays in low volume compared to other CDs. The other day, I found mastering software that many engineers regard as an ultimate volume booster. It looked attractive, but it was quite pricey. It was my decision whether I bought it or took our song to a studio engineer. I just wanted to try the software and go through with the mastering so badly. I decided to try to the best of my ability and then, after it became certain that I couldn’t, turn to a professional. I bought the software. Now, the road to a goal is one, only the ending will be either the software or the studio. I’ve known that completing a song takes time, but music also can be a money pit…

Maybe I’m beginning to become a nutcase

An artist who has a contract with a major record company generally has a deadline for work. Due to the cost of studio use and the promotion schedule, they often need to finish recording in a couple of weeks. Sometimes, it requires compromise and the work results in what they didn’t want. I, on the other hand, have no contract, no obligation, no bind. I’ve been working on the current song for seven years now, including two years of recording. These years have been the happiest time in my life, with contentment from work. I’m in an ideal position to pursue my music as much as I want, so to speak. I always wonder why people don’t live like this. Of course, if they do, fame and money is almost certainly hopeless as is my case. I have no contract, no fame, no money, and call it ideal. Maybe I’m beginning to become a nutcase…

dread anyway whether it sells or not

My sister always wanted to be a writer but she has settled for being a local government employee. In a dream I had the other night, my sister said, “I haven’t written anything because I dread that my work won’t sell.” And I replied, “Even if it sold, you would dread that your next work wouldn’t sell while people around you expect a great deal. So, you dread anyway whether it sells or not.” I woke up and was marveled at what I said in there. In my real life, I’ve never thought that way while I’m craving success in my music career where nothing has sold. I heard my subconscious talk in the dream. That made me think. If I dread either way, it’s meaningless to be disappointed at myself who is still an unknown or to be impatient to make a hit. In fact, too many artists with a big hit got caught by alcohol or drugs and died young. As an artist, it’s ideal to create music at my own pace without any pressure and hold on. Having said that, I can’t shake off a stupid desire to make a big hit and show off at a high school reunion in front of my old friends who ended up housewives…

Star Festival

Today is the Star Festival in Japan. It’s based on a forbidden love
story between Altair and Vega, who are allowed to meet each other by
crossing the Milky Way once a year on the seventh of July. We celebrate
it by decorating a bamboo tree with paper ornaments. Among the ornaments
are slips of colored paper on which we write our wishes. After the
festival, they are taken into a river that is believed to be connected
to the Milky Way for this particular occasion, where the written wishes
come true. The last time I wrote my wish and floated the slip into a
river was when I was nineteen. Since I had already started my career as a
singer-songwriter, I wished to be successful someday. It seems that my
wish slip hasn’t reached the Milky Way yet in spite of this many years’

from Tumblr https://hidemiwoods.tumblr.com/post/186060758144

troublesome upgrade

I decided to upgrade my Cubase and placed an order
online last night. I’ll save $400 by the upgrade, not getting the whole
thing. To qualify the upgrade, I needed the serial number of the current
software. I rummaged in my room for the number. Finally I found it and
entered it on the order form. For the last blank of the form, they
required a user ID. That’s a big enigma. I wasn’t given any user ID for
Cubase. On the other hand, I’ve got quite a few user IDs for the
websites. What user ID? Which one? I looked through the papers and
couldn’t find anything likely. On their FAQ page, there was an answer to
a completely different question from mine, which told to enter the name
in the user ID space. Now that I’ve run out of guesses, I filled in the
blank with my name. A submit button had never been far like this. This
morning, the e-mail told me that my order was processed. The user ID was
simply my name. Just getting an upgrade is this troublesome…

from Tumblr https://hidemiwoods.tumblr.com/post/186013737556

take a long, long time 6/25

I’d like to get down to working on our next song soon, but before that, I need to set up my studio all over again in my new apartment. So far, piles of cardboard boxes have occupied my new place. To make space for a studio, I should unpack those cardboard boxes and sort out their contents. Then, I’ll take measures to soundproof by myself. As I did to the walls of my old apartment, I’ll fix folded cardboard boxes to all over the wall, cover them with soundproof polyurethane, put more cardboard boxes on it as a sandwich, and add soundproof sheets over it. Done with only one side of the wall. I should repeat this for other sides of the wall and the ceiling. I’m a little frustrated at this cumbersome process to start arranging our new song. The melody and the words of the new song have been completed, so that makes me want to start working on the arrangement soon all the more. I know it will only take a long, long time to finish the song once I get down to it after all…