Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas! How are you spending
Christmas Day? I am having rotisserie chicken,
pasta and pizza at my apartment with my
A box was delivered from my parents. It was
a Christmas present of wine. My parents
usually enclose an attacking message to deny
what I do and I prepared myself for it. To my
surprise, they didn’t do so for once. No
attacking words from my parents. That can be
considered as a miracle to me. I wish each one
of you a peaceful, joyful Christmas. Happy

Episode From Surviving in Japan / Hidemi Woods

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How come they don’t like it?

I went to my favorite supermarket, Carrefour. As I mentioned here, it came from France and is going to withdraw from Japan next month.
What I like about it most is its atmosphere. It has such a huge, spacious floor that I feel like shopping at a supermarket in US. Their selection of merchandise is also my liking. They carry items which are popular not in Japan but abroad, such as rotisserie chicken, couscous, paella, pretzel and pesto. Imported food is usually very expensive but their prices are low. On the same floor, they also have kitchen goods, stationery, electronics, books and daily goods so that shopping is fun and convenient. Although it’s an ideal place to shop to me, it’s going out of business which means Japanese people didn’t like it. When I got out of the store, it was already dark outside. Looking at its elegantly glowing neon sign, I thought this would have been my last visit, and I would certainly miss this store. How come they don’t like it? I am not getting along well with other Japanese people…