I had almost forgotten about it


This summer, I took a test, which required to translate an English article into Japanese. I had almost forgotten about it. Today, the result arrived and I remembered. It wasn’t difficult at all, and I expected ‘A’ with full marks. But the grade I got was ‘C’. What??


I did grocery shopping this morning. The store has the morning sale on weekends and it was very crowded. I got the sale items, feeling satisfied, and joined a long line of a checkout counter. The counter number 7, which I thought I was at, takes a credit card. But when I checked out, I ended up paying with cash. The sign saying 7 above my head was for the next counter. As you know, cash is cash, while a credit card gives you some sort of points. After having me wait in a long line, points escaped from me…

time limit offers

Photo by Andrew Neel on Pexels.com

To avoid a crowded store, I did the grocery shopping online today for my holiday meals. In this way, I could enjoy shopping calmly and comfortably, sitting in front of a computer and sipping a cup of coffee.

I was in a good mood adding sale items to a shopping cart one by one. And I found something wrong with the total amount. As I was taking time to shop around, the prices of the sale items were returning to their list prices. I didn’t know that they were time limit offers because nothing mentioned. I guessed the quantity for a sale was limited, thus first come, first served. Now my relaxing shopping had changed into a battle. I shopped as fast as I could, sweating and hunching over a computer. and was done shopping exhausted. Even at home, the hustle and bustle catches you at this time of year…

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