Valentine’s Day in Japan

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In Japan, Valentine’s Day is the day for a woman to confide to have feelings for a man by giving a gift of chocolate. In a male-dominant country like Japan, it used to be the only day that a woman is allowed to do it. Things are changing fast and women confide their feelings to men any day now. Maybe this loathsome male-dominant society has been collapsing gradually. But apart from a man they love, women give chocolate to their male colleagues and bosses out of obligation. So, the male domination still prevails after all. I’m thankful that I’ve never worked in an office…

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In Japan, St. Valentine’s Day

In Japan, St. Valentine’s Day is the day that women give chocolate to men. When I was a freshman at high school, I had a big crush on my math teacher and gave him a handmade chocolate cake on Valentine’s Day. I wasn’t interested in cooking at all and never helped my grandmother and my mother in the kitchen. Although cooking was an unknown territory for me, I decided to make a chocolate cake on a whim. It turned out to be way harder and more time-consuming than I thought. I made two cakes and chose the better-looking one for the teacher and the other to be stored in the fridge for my family and myself. I handed the cake to the teacher at school and was so happy because he seemed pleased. I came home in a good mood and tried the other cake in the fridge myself. My good mood was extinguished on the spot. It tasted horrible. I’d never had such a terrible cake before, and haven’t since. Of course I tasted it to make sure while cooking, but I did so for chocolate icing, not for sponge cake. As you know, chocolate can’t go wrong, but sponge cake possibly can. I felt awful imagining the teacher was having the vicious cake with his colleagues or his family on Valentine’s Day…