exceeded my expectation

A new supermarket opened one block away from my apartment. It’s the closest supermarket and I can see it from my window. Since the construction started in spring, I’d been looking forward to its opening while seeing the progress of the construction site. I jumped in it on the long-waited opening day and the store exceeded my expectation. Their prices were a lot lower than I’d thought. They have carried the opening sale and I’ve been there almost every day. Before the opening, a flier of the store came in, which said, ‘Please use us as your fridge.’ With this proximity to my place, I thought it would be a good idea, depending on the prices. Now that the prices are low, using the store as my fridge is becoming real. Because I found something at the lowest price ever each time there and couldn’t resist getting them, I’ve brought home more food than I could eat. As a result, my home fridge is packed, too. Once I decided to move out my apartment, this nice supermarket appeared. Leaving the store behind makes me feel hesitant to move…

All I had to do was to receive them

I placed an order of groceries at an online supermarket and had them delivered today. They carried a special promotion to give a customer a box of laundry detergent for free any $50 or above purchase. I had calculated carefully and made the total $50.48. After the delivery person left, I noticed the detergent was missing. There was a piece of paper instead, that said one of the items I’d ordered was sold out and its price was subtracted from the total. As a result, the new total got less than $50. I felt furious and was on the verge of calling for complaint when I recalled the delivery person. In the midst of the unbearable heat, he came up to my door, carrying heavy grocery bags and boxes, yet smiling and courteous. All I had to do was to receive them, and still, I was complaining about a dollar or so. I wonder why the smaller money is, the more persistently I pursue…

low price always has its reasons

I shopped at the discount supermarket that I’d recently noticed its
existence again. Their usual prices are at the level of special sale
prices at other supermarket. They also have their private brand at even
lower prices for beer, noodles and wine. Meat is cheaper than the
half-price one at other stores. I get the meat there with further
discounts because of the imminent expiration date, so that the price is
unbelievable for meat. It’s open 24 hours and I can go there any time I
want without worrying about its closing time. It’s a perfect place to
shop for me if not one particular thing –the music played in the store.
They play Japanese hit songs annoyingly loudly. Their problems are they
sound like a patchwork of fragments from hit songs of U.S. that were
popular ten years ago. Their lyrics are particularly horrible with
childishness. I try not to listen to them but it’s loud enough to beat
any defense like earplugs or portable music devices. I don’t want to be
contaminated, so I have to leave the store quickly each time. Being
unable to enjoy shopping leisurely is the catch of this otherwise great
store. The low price always has its reasons…

from Tumblr https://hidemiwoods.tumblr.com/post/186129153926