imaginary smoke

My partner felt unfair about the way Epson dealt with the recall of my computer. After a series of phone calls to complain and negotiate, he got a satisfactory solution. A free repair will be completed much more quickly than I expected, therefore, my complicated data and configurations for our new song are intact. Just in case, I made more backups. During the work, I couldn’t stop smelling smoke. Of course it was imaginary smoke, which came from my fear that the computer might catch a fire at any moment. What a small, nervous human being I am…

Episode From Surviving in Japan / Hidemi Woods

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low flow of a shower

My apartment hunting is still going on and I found the best pick so far
online last night. That could be it. It looked so attractive and I got
excited enough to prepare for going there to close a deal first thing in
the morning. There was some time before dawn and I looked up on the
Internet about the property. Plenty of information was there, most of
which were complaints about the superintendent of the building. All
complaints seemed to refer to the same person and I became doubtful
whether I could live in a place that such a bad person managed. While I
read on the complaints, a different one caught my eye. A low flow of a
shower. It was the last blow. By the time the morning dawned, my
excitement was gone…

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